increase the life of your appliances

How To Increase The Life Of Your Appliances

Last month, we shared a blog about how to know when to replace your appliances. No one wants to spend money on a new appliance if it isn’t necessary! Along the same lines, it’s always nice to increase the life of your existing appliances. How? It may be simpler than you think! Find out how to increase the life of your appliances.


A common mistake that homeowners make is cleaning the stovetop incorrectly. If you aren’t sure what type of cleaner to use, go with vinegar or warm water. Many homeowners use the wrong type of cleaner and damage the burners. Also, never spray around the knobs. Knobs lead to electrical controls and just a squirt could cause a short. Instead, spray a rag and wipe down the knobs.


When was the last time you cleaned your refrigerator coils? These are located in one of two places: either on the bottom of the front of your refrigerator or in the back of your refrigerator. It looks similar to a radiator, and can collect dust very easily. Use a vacuum or coil brush to remove the dust. That way, your refrigerator doesn’t have to work as hard to cool. When it overworks, it is more likely to need an early replacement.


This one may surprise you. Be careful how much you pre-wash your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Some dishwashing detergents are extremely effective and when combined with soap from a pre-wash, they can cause the dishwasher to produce too many suds and overflow.


The most common problem with washing machines is overloading. Here’s a rule of thumb: if you have a front-load washer, clothes should not cover the whole window, but only about half.


It seems obvious, but always remember to clean the lint trap after every load. It’s also a best practice to make sure the air vent (wherever the air exits from the dryer) isn’t clogged with lent. This should be done every month or so. Also, locate the moisture sensors on your dryer. If you use dryer sheets, the chemical residue can collect on these sensors. Be sure to keep an eye on these as well.

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Hopefully, these tips help to increase the life of your appliances and ultimately the amount of money in your pocket! For other insightful tips and tricks like these, be sure to follow our boards on Pinterest!

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