HVAC acronyms

Decoding HVAC Acronyms

If you’ve ever purchased an air conditioner, or even thought about purchasing an air conditioner, we’re sure you’ve run across some unfamiliar acronyms. Today, we’re clearing up the confusion by decoding some common HVAC acronyms! Take a look!

HVAC Acronyms

AHU – Air Handling Unit
The air handling unit is the central unit consisting of fan(s), heating and cooling elements, filter racks or chamber, dampers, humidifier, and other central equipment required to provide adequate ventilation and extract.

EER – Energy Efficiency Ratio

A unit’s EER can help you to determine how effective the appliance’s energy output is based on certain criteria. In fact, EnergyStar ratings are based on energy efficiency.

HERS  – Home Energy Rating System

Created to establish a benchmark to determine how energy efficient a home is in relation to others. The HERS Index is based off a newly constructed home being scored at 100. The closer the number to 100, the less efficient the property is. The further the number from 100, the more energy efficient. Just like we’re back in school!

HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning

Of course, we can’t forget HVAC! An HVAC, or a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is used to provide heating and cooling services from a unit.

MERV – Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value

These values range from 1-20: 1 is an average filter for a window air conditioner and 20 is the filtration system for medical or manufacturing cleanrooms. Most residential air conditioners use filters rated between 8 and 12. Put simply, MERV is the effectiveness of how well your filter is at removing particulates from the air.

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