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4 (Inexpensive) Ways To Get Instant Curb Appeal

You’ve tackled spring cleaning, and now it’s time to spruce up the exterior of your home! Wondering how to get started without spending a lot of time or money? Check out these 4 ways to give your home instant curb appeal!

1. House Numbers

How long has it been since you replaced your house numbers? New house numbers can make your home look fresher and more modern. Check out your local hardware store for options that suit your home style and personality.

2. Flower Beds

There’s nothing like a pop of color! Just a small flat of blossoms in your favorite color along a front walkway can make your entry instantly more attractive. You can also place decorative pots beside the front door or add wooden window boxes if you don’t have flower beds.

3. Plant A Tree

One of the most common ways to add curb appeal to your house is to plant a tree. However, before you plant, consider how big the tree will get and how it will affect your house. If space allows, consider planting two trees to frame your house or entryway.

4. Front Door

While a front door can say a lot about a home, you don’t have to have a brand new one to make a statement! Simply changing the color of your front door can make a significant difference in the look of your home. Go bold with a red or yellow or more subtle with a shade of white or brown.

These ways to add instant curb appeal to your home can easily be completed in an afternoon or weekend! For more tips and tricks for your home, be sure to follow our boards on Pinterest!


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  1. I liked that you had mentioned that planting a tree can boost curb appeal once you understand how big the tree will get. My wife and I have recently purchased a home that we’re wanting to fix up and it currently doesn’t look that great from the curb and we want it to look at its best. Since I don’t have the best eye for design, I might look into hiring an arborist to plant the tree because they’ll know the most about where to place it and how large it will grow.

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