Fall Clean & Check

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The Bosworth Company is currently offering a Fall Clean & Check for $109, which includes a 1” filter and is $59 for each additional system. We know what you’re thinking: “Do I really need this? Couldn’t I just save my money and contact them when I notice a problem?” Well, you could save your money in the short term, but spending a little now could save you big time in the long run. It’ll also keep you comfortable as we start seeing cooler temperatures.


The Fall Clean & Check offers a variety of services involving your HVAC unit. You could perform some of these tasks yourself, but they’re much more convenient with help from an expert. Other services we’ll perform are definitely best handled by our experts.

Our Fall Clean & Check includes the following services:

  • Check, clean or replace filter(s)
    We provide one free filter with this service.
  • Clean blower wheel and housing
  • Thoroughly check all electrical connections
    This is something you’d rather leave to the pros.
  • Clean and check combustion air chamber
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Clean pilot assembly
  • Inspect your condensate drain, and clear and clean if necessary
    A clogged drain pipe can lead to other issues including water stains on the ceiling or other nasty water damage
  • Lubricate motors, as required
  • Inspect all safety controls
    Safety controls are critical, especially when it comes time to switch from A/C to heat.
  • Check the amperage for your entire system
    Your system needs enough juice to operate to its full potential!
  • Check the charge of your refrigerant
    Leave this one to the pros.
  • Check and calibrate all thermostats
    Make sure you stay at a temperature that’s comfortable for you.
  • Check the fan motor on the condenser
    If this fails and needs to be replaced, it can cost hundreds of dollars. Keeping it maintained is a great investment.
  • Check, adjust, or replace a belt
  • Clean and adjust burners
  • Check all relays and capacitors
    This is not the flux capacitor – you want a pro checking this for you.
  • Clean and calibrate thermostat(s)
  • Check temperature differential
    This helps with efficiency by ensuring your system is cycling properly based on the temperature you set it at.
  • Provide necessary maintenance supplies
    We provide professional tools to ensure your unit is running as it should.

Schedule Your Fall Clean & Check Today

So there you have it. This quick service will not only keep you warm for the winter, but it also offers something else that the temperature can’t touch: peace of mind. When you’re ready for your Fall Clean & Check maintenance service, call us at 432-570-5233 or schedule an appointment with The Bosworth Company online. Worth the Call. Always.


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