Smart Water Monitor

In the technology age, many of your appliances and utilities can now be tied directly to your smartphone. This helps make your home more comfortable while providing efficiency at the same time. The latest example is smart water monitors. The Bosworth Company is proud to offer Flo by Moen, a water security system that protects your home from leaks and water damage – all with a single valve.


Somehow, someway, leaks are inevitable. The key is catching them early to prevent water damage. Flo by Moen detects leaks early, so they don’t get out of control. Flo can be set up to monitor water and potential leaks from your toilet, shower, faucets, pipes in the walls and foundation – anywhere there’s water, Flo is working. This helps keep utility bills low and also helps avoid a catastrophe.


The Flo by Moen water monitor valve is installed directly on the water supply line to your home. This means it monitors all water in your entire home. Monitors on the valve have sensors that constantly check water flow, pressure, and temperature. If any of these conditions shows an anomaly, the valve can be set to automatically shut off. That means damage from something like a burst pipe can be kept to a minimum.


Flo by Moen automatically runs a test on your water system every day to test for leaks in your home. Even a leak as small as one drop per minute will alert the system and shut off the water to ensure the problem is fixed. This eliminates water damage, unseen mold, and even an increase in water bills.


Like many modern systems, Flo by Moen can be managed by your smartphone. You can get alerts and turn your water off or on from anywhere. You can also monitor your home’s water consumption and contact a plumber like us in an emergency.


The Bosworth Company is proud to offer Flo by Moen systems, fully installed and maintained. Make an appointment online, or call us at 432-570-5233, and add some peace of mind to your home water system. The Bosworth Company is Worth the Call. Always.

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