Spring Maintenance

Spring is here, and along with the warmer weather comes big changes for your home. Specifically your HVAC. Switching from using your heat to using your air conditioning requires some preparation and is a great time for some routine maintenance. In this post, we’ll share some practical spring maintenance ideas for your home.


Changing filter: This is an easy thing you can do yourself! Swapping out or cleaning the filters on your HVAC will help to make sure that clean air is able to be recycled throughout your home. It’ll also keep your unit from working too hard, which will save you money!

Exterior A/C unit: In the winter months, leaves or other plants can fall into or grow around your exterior air conditioning compressor. Sweeping or picking up this debris will help your unit run at peak efficiency.

Window screens: Spring and fall are great times to consider leaving windows open to save on energy costs. To prepare for this, make sure to clean your screens and make any necessary repairs.

Windows and Doors: Speaking of windows, keep the cool air inside by making sure seals around windows and doors are secure!

Refrigerator: When you clean your kitchen, don’t forget to get under the fridge! Dusty coils make your refrigerator work harder to keep your food cold. A quick dust is an easy fix!


Hot water heater: Draining your water heater can help clean out the sentiment that’s built up over the past year. Find the spigot at the bottom of the tank to drain it. This could add years to the life of your hot water heater.

Washer fill hose: Look for cracks or leaks in the hose that brings water into your washer. As with anything, excess water can cause major problems!

Driveway cracks: Cracks in your driveway or asphalt are common with age. However, if it’s sudden, getting worse, or appears to be sinking, that could be a sign of pipe problems. A water line leak under your driveway should be checked out.


The Bosworth Company has the experts to help your system get ready for spring! In fact, we offer a Spring Clean & Check specifically geared to keeping your HVAC in tip-top shape. Schedule a spring maintenance appointment online or give us a call at 432-570-5233. It’s Worth the Call. Always.

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