Cleaning Hard Water Stains

Hard water is a topic we’ve addressed several times in the past. This is because it’s a common problem in many homes, especially here in West Texas. When those stains show up, they can be difficult to clean if you don’t do it right. In today’s post, we’ll discuss the best ways to make sure hard water stains don’t damage your kitchen or bathrooms. 


Your secret weapon to cleaning hard water stains is vinegar. Mix vinegar with water and put it into a spray bottle. Plain white vinegar works great as a 50/50 mix with water. Do NOT use apple cider vinegar, or other types of vinegar.


The spot stain you’re wanting to clean could be on a counter-top, inside a sink or shower stall, in a bathtub, or even on glass. Regardless, you’ll want to spray the area with your vinegar solution. Important: Do NOT use the vinegar solution on wood!

Once you’ve dampened the area, it’s time to wipe it down. You can use a paper towel or a clean cloth towel. When you’re done, go back and wipe it down with a paper towel that’s been dampened with water only. This will help prevent residue from the vinegar from sticking to the surfaces you’re trying to clean.

It’s important that the area is thoroughly dried when you are done. If not, the water could evaporate, leaving more unwanted spots!


One of the biggest places where you’ll find hard water build-up is on faucets. The minerals that make the water “hard” can really stop up the spouts in your faucet. Soak the faucets (after removing them if necessary) in the vinegar solution. You may even need to use a brush to scrub away the stuck-on mineral deposits.


Vinegar works on toilet bowls too! Just pour in about a cup of pure vinegar, then use a toilet brush to scrub out stains. Flush the bowl when you’re finished to clean out the vinegar.


The Bosworth Company offers solutions for hard water, including water softeners and reverse osmosis systems. To see which one is right for you, give The Bosworth Company a call today at 432-570-5233 or schedule an appointment online. It’s Worth The Call. Always!

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