In addition to residential work, The Bosworth Company has a long history of also specializing in commercial service. The Bosworth Company has been providing quality services to commercial businesses since 1949, and have built a long list of happy clients and repeat customers who enjoy and appreciate the outstanding air conditioning, plumbing, heating, and electrical work provided by this team of professionals.

If your a business owner, you know all too well that time is money! When your business isn’t running as it should be due to a broken air conditioner, plumbing or electrical problems, then you can also potentially experience problems with your daily cash flow due to lost customers and parts of your operation being temporarily shut down.

Be proactive with your business! Allow the Bosworth Company to assist you with:

  • Equipment testing and inspection
    • testing for refrigerant charge, oil, combustion and draft
    • amperage draw
    • temperature differential
    • inspecting for worn or failed parts; oil level; safety controls; valves; water, oil and/or refrigerant leaks.
  • Preventative maintenance services
    • cleaning coil surfaces
    • electrical contacts; burners; blower wheels and housing
    • combustion chambers; pilot assemblies; heat exchangers; condensate drains and pans
    • lubricating motors, damper and fan bearings.

The Bosworth Company also carries maintenance supplies for commercial businesses, such as oils, lubricants, filters and cleaning supplies, in addition to, servicing refrigeration units and performing air filter cleaning and inspection.

Your business can easily schedule an appointment online by submitting a brief form and should be contacted within the hour. The Bosworth Company technicians are on call Monday-Sunday to assist you with any of your air conditioning, plumbing, heating and electrical needs.

For over 65 years this highly reputable company has provided quality service and excellent products to so many repeat customers and they can do the same for your business! Keeping your business running like a well oiled machine means more in your pocket, so take preventative measures, and contact The Bosworth Company and let them inspect your air conditioning units and other commercial equipment. You’ll be glad you did!

And as the team at Bosworth likes to say:…“Worth The Call. Always.”