When we visit customers to talk about attic insulation, their most frequent comment is “we’ve been meaning to do this for years”. It appears that everyone procrastinates about this easy solution to those very warm, hazy, lazy days of summer yet afterwards, everyone raves about the difference in comfort level and the cost savings!

Most homeowners have no idea how much existing insulation is in their attics and are often amazed at just how little we find.

Advantages to Attic Insulation

  • Your Air Conditioning will switch on significantly less as the insulation keeps your house cooler
  • Expected annual savings on your electric bill: 20% to 30%
  • In the winter months, your house will stay warmer as you will not be losing heat through the attic.
  • Your home will be quieter (outside noise will be deflected by the depth of insulation)

What To Think About Before Insulating

If you plan to do any electrical projects in the near future that may require access to the attic, it is easier on your contractor to do these before adding additional attic insulation. Examples:

  • New (not replacement) ceiling fans, if the ceiling involved is that shared with the attic.
  • New recessed can lights, if the ceiling involved is that shared with attic.

Future projects will still be totally possible, once the insulation is finished. Insulation, once installed, can be moved back and forth as is needed by any contractor.

How Long Does It Take?

Obviously house age, attic size and existing levels of insulation affect the total time this project will take. However typically our Bosworth team completes insulation projects in 4-8 hours.


Insulation is measured in terms of R-Value which is the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. In Texas, the recommended R-Value for homes is R30-R60. For example R38 relates to a depth of 13-14″ of insulating material.

More Information

At Bosworth’s, we can help you navigate the world of insulation, R-values and what’s right for your home. Contact us to schedule a meeting so that this summer your home can be energy efficient, comfortable and cool.