Are you frustrated because you have a slow drain? Have you tried liquid plumbing solutions and other clog fixes, but it still isn’t working correctly? Many people have been in your shoes, throwing their hands in the air, giving up on a drain. It inevitably happens whether we like it or not. Here are some causes of that annoying slow or clogged drain:

Pipes gunked up- In bathrooms, especially the shower, pipes can get all gunked up from soap, dirt, and clumps of hair. These can adhere themselves to the walls of pipes, and over time they will start clogging the drain line. When that happens, there’s only a small area to let water flow through, causing a drain to take awhile to empty your shower or tub.

Grease in kitchen drains- Grease should never be put in any drain, but it happens. The grease solidifies when it gets cold, and that’s what sticks to the walls of the pipes in the kitchen drains. The more grease and other food particles gluing themselves inside the drain line, the less room there will be for water to flow out of the sink.

Flushing foreign items down the toilet- Facial tissues, wet wipes (not flushable), cotton swaps, rags and children’s toys are some of those things. You’d be amazed what has been found flushed down a toilet that ended up clogging it. Flushing them down the toilet was easy, but getting them out is not going to be as easy.

Drains that are slow or clogged can be frustrating to deal with. When simple fixes aren’t working, just give us a call and let us handle it. The business of cleaning drains isn’t pleasant, but we’ll deal with it, so you don’t have to. If needed, we’ll use our handy drain camera to evaluate the condition of your pipes to make sure they’re in good order or to pinpoint the location of a clog. Once we find the problem, fixing it will be a breeze.

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