Though many people look forward to snow days, inclement weather can often bring unintended consequences. Being able to stay home from work or school can feel luxurious…unless the power goes offline. The Bosworth Company is sharing several ways on how to stay warm if the power goes out, so you’re prepared for bad weather.

Cold Front: Know How to Stay Warm if the Power Goes Out

Bundle Up

Snuggly blankets and fuzzy socks come in handy when it comes to power outages. Adding multiple layers of clothes can help insulate your body, keeping warmth closer to you. If you have thermal underwear or fleece-lined garments, consider bundling up with those, too.

Build a Fire

How to Stay Warm If the Power Goes OutIf your home is equipped with a wood-burning fireplace and you have dry wood, consider building a fire. Make sure that the flue is open and no fumes can enter your home. Additionally, keep in mind that open flames must be supervised at all times – an open fire shouldn’t be considered a primary source of heat.

Make a Plan

If your power has been off for several hours and you don’t have an alternative heat source, it’s prudent to make a backup plan. Contact a close friend or relative to find out if you can stay overnight, particularly if temperatures continue to drop.

Get Moving

Physical activity naturally warms your body up. Jumping jacks, pushups and other cardio not only invigorate your health – the exercise will help keep you warmer than if you sit still.

Keep in One Room

Cut shut doors to rooms that experience more temperature fluctuations. Also, body heat from multiple people in a single room can help you to stay warm. Seal off any drafty windows or doors with plastic sheeting or old sheets.

Stay Inside

Opening and closing exterior doors constantly will let out the warm air inside of your home. Keep those doors shut as much as possible.

If your furnace problems are something other than a power outage, know that you can depend on the heating professionals at Bosworth. We offer emergency service calls from reliable, professional technicians. We’re worth the call…always.