It’s hard to believe that it’s almost Thanksgiving. However, it’s just a few days away! The friendly, professional plumbers at the Bosworth Company want to share some Thanksgiving plumbing tips to make your Turkey Day more festive and less fiasco.

Prevention 101: Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips


Toilet Etiquette

When you’ve got a house full of company, your toilets end up being used more frequently. Leave a polite note to guests asking that only toilet paper be flushed and keep a waste basket conveniently available. Additionally, thinner, more water-soluble toilet paper is less likely to cause clogs than quilted, high-end brands. Consider stocking up! Another safe bet is to keep a plunger readily available – just in case!

Garbage Disposal Don’ts

Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips

Say no to putting pumpkin in your disposal!

Your garbage disposal is great for turning some solids into a pulp. However, there is a laundry list of items you should never put in the disposal. Some things aren’t meant to go down the drain, as your disposal isn’t equipped to handle the job.

  • Grease, fat, or oil (particularly animal fats);
  • Potato skins, pumpkin, squash, or other fibrous produce;
  • Large bones;
  • Coffee grounds.

Keeping these items out of your disposal will also keep you from needing an emergency service call. You should also consider using a sink strainer to keep things from going down the drain.

Set a Shower Schedule

If you’re hosting guests as well as Thanksgiving dinner, have your company wait 10-15 minutes between showers. Not only does this allow the water heater some time to recharge, it gives icky stuff (think hair and skin cells) a chance to make their way down the pipes instead of causing clogs.

Plan Ahead

Homeowners are often aware of quirks in their plumbing system before holiday events. However, instead of instructing guest to “just jiggle the handle” or putting up an “out of order” sign on that wobbly toilet, it’s better to get plumbing issues sorted out before the holidays. If it’s too late to get the Bosworth pros to your house before Thanksgiving, definitely give us a call before Christmas.

The entire team at Bosworth wants to wish you a very happy, full, and joyous Thanksgiving. If you do encounter a plumbing emergency during your holiday event, know that you can count on us to handle the job. We’re available for holiday service calls, as well.