Preparation is critical in the majority of situations – winter weather, included! One the biggest complaints about the chilly temperatures it’s how much it increases monthly bills. However, heating your home is necessary for comfort and safety, but there are ways to minimize your utility costs. The Bosworth Company shares some of our favorite ways to reduce heating bills this winter.

Reduce Heating Bills with These Great Tips

Get a Seasonal Check-Up

Opting to have a Bosworth professional inspect your home before winter sets in is a great option for saving. Our trained technicians are capable of identifying and correcting small problems before they become emergency situations. You can still schedule your fall seasonal check here.

Invest in Quality Window Treatments

reduce heating bills

Take advantage of the sun’s warming power by using quality windows treatments. During the day, leave sun-facing windows open, which can help warm your home or business naturally. In the evening, use blackout curtains to keep the night’s chill at bay – and prevents the warm air inside from escaping through your windows.

Choose a Programmable Thermostat

Have you heard about our Nest WiFi Thermostats®? They’re just as on the go as you are. With the hustle and bustle of the winter season, it’s tough to know when you’ll be home or out running errands. With a Nest, you’re able to manage your thermostat using an app and your home’s WiFi. You can reduce the heat when you’re away and crank it up before you walk in the door. It’s also proven to save between 10 and 12% on utility bills.

Switch Fan Settings

Do you turn your fans off in the winter? You shouldn’t! Instead switch them to rotate in reverse. The action pushes rising warm air back down, naturally moving heat through your home. Using fans to enhance air circulation in your home or office is a great way to save money on utility bills.

Go Green

If it’s time to update your furnace, talk to a Bosworth team member about EnergyStar® appliances. Equipment with an EnergyStar rating is proven to reduce heating bills. An added bonus is that less wasted energy is better for the environment.

Conduct a Seasonal Swap

When you’re trying to stay warm, call in other seasonal helpers for the winter win. Swap out summery cotton sheets for comfy flannel ones. Add blankets to beds and sitting areas throughout your home. Sip warm beverages instead of cold. Slip on fuzzy socks and warmer clothing blends. When you layer warmth-inducers, you’re less likely to reach for the thermostat – and more likely to see a cost savings on your monthly bill.

Are you ready to get warm and toasty? If you’re not sure your furnace is capable of making it through another winter, be sure to call the winter weather experts at Bosworth. We’re worth the call – always!