Though we’re experiencing unseasonably warm weather for fall, it’s never too early to get your home cold weather ready. In fact, we’re expecting a 30° temperature drop mid-week! The Bosworth Company prefers preparedness over panic, so be sure to follow these steps on getting ready for chilly winter temperatures.

Get Your Home Cold Weather Ready with These 4 Tips

Prep the Plumbing

Though many people expect cold weather problems to come from their furnace, they often forget about frozen pipes! It’s important to get your plumbing ready for cooler temperatures, including sealing off outdoor valves and insulating exposed pipes. Not only can these freeze when the temps drop, you also risk them bursting when water expands.

Seal the Deal

Prevent cold air from entering your home by sealing drafty windows and doors. As your home settles with age or seals begin to wear, your home may not be as protected from air leaks as you’d like. Additionally, keep your garage above North Pole temperatures by installing weather stripping along the garage floor.

Invest in a Nest®

Have you heard about the Nest WiFi Thermostat offered by Bosworth? It’s a high-tech way to save on your energy bills each month. With the Nest, you’re able to take control of your thermostat, no matter where you are! Not only does it help keep your home toasty warm, on average, the Nest saves consumers between 10% and 12% on their monthly heating bills.

Prepare, Prepare Prepare

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin

Maintaining your home is critical – and we aren’t just talking about cosmetic improvements. When you include our fall electrical and heating services as part of your home maintenance plan, it can help you avoid a catastrophic event when it starts to really get cold. You should also consider adding a Kohler backup generator to your home, if you’re worried about electrical outages this winter.

Are you worried your home isn’t going to pass the cold weather test? Don’t fear – Bosworth is here! Whether you need plumbing, heater, or electrical service for your home or business, we’re available to help. Schedule your service today!